Our Favorites Among This Year’s French Literary Prize Winners

The literary jury have spoken, we have read (most) of their selection, and here are our favorite among this year’s winners! Stop by Albertine to browse them and choose the ones that speak to you!

Reading List

La plus secrète mémoire des hommes by Mohamed Mbougar Sarr

Winner of this Year’s Goncourt Prize

Mbougar Sarr’s talent is mindblowing and enlightens each and every page of this astonishing, multifaceted novel who claims J.L. Borges, Yambo Ouologuem and Roberto Bolano as his sources of inspiration. If the expression “writer of the world” means anything, then Mbougar Sarr is — unarguably– one of its most talented and fierce figures. Read more.

La plus secrète mémoire des hommes by Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, éditions Philippe Rey
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Le Voyage dans l'Est by Christine Angot

Winner of this year’s Medicis Prize – fiction.

Christine Angot  offers us her strongest, most moving, and relentless work to date. After L’Inceste and Un amour impossible (both available in English translation with Archipelago Books), you already know what is at the heart of this novel. And yet, once you start reading, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to stop. And therein lies Angot’s strength as an exceptional writer. Read more.

Le Voyage dans l’Est, by Christine Angot, Flammarion
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Comme un ciel en nousby Jakuta Alikavazovich

Winner of this year’s Medicis Prize – nonfiction.

Jakuta Alikavazovic’s sixth book, Comme un ciel en nous, is among this fall’s best reads. Responding to an invitation to contribute a piece of writing to the collection, Ma Nuit au Musée (Stock), Jakuta Alikavazovic takes the opportunity to explore her unique relationship with the Louvre Museum. Read more.

Comme un ciel en nous, Jakuta Alikavazovic, éditions Stock, Ma Nuit au musée
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Mon Mari by Maud Ventura

Winner of this year’s First Novel Prize

In the span of a week, we experience the narrator’s daily life – from her suspicions and personal struggles to acts of vengeance, and in short, married life à la Pulp Fiction. While at times tragic and at other times whimsical, Ventura’s novel is hilarious from start to finish! Read more.

Mon Mari, a debut novel by Maud Ventura, L’Iconoclaste
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Le Voyant d'Etampe by Abel Quentin

Winner of This Year’s Prix de Flore

Le Voyant d’Etampes has plenty of bite. This sharp and lighthearted satire, calling out the publishing industry, the press, and academia, and the unraveling of the current French left will speak to anyone who’d like to support but can’t help feeling somewhat estrange with the cultural revolution happening today. Quentin perfectly sets the comical and burlesque tone of the novel, and Roscoff’s series of misadventures leave the reader howling with laughter.  Read more

Le Voyant d’Etampe by Abel Quentin, éditions de l’Observatoire
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