Saturday, October 26, 2019
4:00 PM

Join us for a conversation with illustrator Marc-Antoine on his new book, Paris Fashion Flair (Flammarion).

Albertine will run a pop-up shop from 5pm to 9pm during a series of talks and workshops curated by Les Éditions de l’Épure at The Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn.

Join Egyptian author Alaa El Aswany, one of the most important voices of the Arab world, as he discusses his literary work.

Join us as we welcome Éléonore Pourriat for a conversation on her debut novel, Histoire d’Adrián Silencio just published by Lattès.

Join Antoine Vigne as he presents his latest novel, American Dreamer, just out in France with editions Courtes et Longues.

Join us for an enchanting tour of France from New York Times foreign correspondent and best-selling author Elaine Sciolino and former Ambassador of France to the US Gérard Araud.

Festival Albertine 2019, curated by environmentalist and author Bill McKibben, will take on climate change. For three days, leading thinkers, politicians, activists, artists, and authors will come...

Gallo will discuss the correspondence between Marcel Proust and his circle of Latin-American friends, and also presents insightful readings of In Search of Lost Time that posit Latin America as...

Join Olivier Bourdeaut as he presents his debut novel Waiting for Bojangles, translated from the French by Regan Kramer and recently published by Simon and Schuster.

Join us for a lively conversation on the French classic The Unknown Masterpiece by Honoré de Balzac, one of the writer’s most celebrated tales, which has inspired artists as various as Cézanne,...

Join Bruce Hainley, Wayne Koestenbaum and Christine Pichini for a conversation on Michel Leiris’s The Ribbon at Olympia’s Throat published by Semiotext[e], and translated from the French...

Join us for a musical evening with author and performer Maggie Paxson on the occasion of the publication of her latest book The Plateau. Daniel Mendelsohn will be introducing the evening.

Join Violaine Huisman and Omar Berrada as they discuss Huisman’s second novel, Rose désert, just published in France by Gallimard.

Anthony Lacoudre explains the incredible story of how over 25,000 French words infiltrated the English language throughout history.

Join us for a fruitful conversation on Hold Fast Your Crown by Yannick Haenel, a work that falls in with the impressive line-up of masterpieces of French literature.

Join us for a discussion with French Historian and mass violence expert Jacques Sémelin and historian Robert O. Paxton on Semlin’s new book, The Survival of the Jews in France, 1940-1944.

Join Rémi Courgeon for a workshop based on his children’s book, Feather (Brindille), published by Enchanted Lion.

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