Join us for a lively conversation on The Years, a novel by Annie Ernaux, translated from the French by Alison L. Strayer (Seven Stories Press) . Moderated by Miriam Bridenne and Ondine Cotto.

Join us as Meryem Alaoui presents her first novel, La Vérité sort de la bouche du cheval, in conversation with Marie-Pierre Ulloa. This blunt narrative explores the female condition in Casablanca, from the standpoint of Jmiaa, a 34-year-old prostitute.

Join us for the launch of the forthcoming McSweeney’s issue, All That is Evident is Suspect, the most comprehensive publication dedicated to OuLiPo in English. With editor of McSweeney’s, Daniel Levin Becker.

Join Rachel Cobb as she presents her latest book, Mistral: The Legendary Wind of Provence, a portrait of Provence seen through its legendary wind.

Join us for a fun and creative workshop with Béatrice Coron to celebrate the publication of her magnificent new paper cutting book, Fort Extravagant.

Join Augustin and the US tribe as we make Pâte sucrée with 5 simple ingredients and an open discussion of all things pastry!

Join us for a conversation between Yann Coatanlem, President of Club Praxis think tank, and Ezra Suleiman, IBM Professor of International Studies, Professor of Politics, and Director of the Program in European Politics and Society at Princeton University.

Join us Saturday, decembre 8 at 11:15am for a morning of fun and stories with the Lunii team!

Join us for a lively conversation on Germinal, a novel by Émile Zola, translated from the French by Roger Pearson (Penguin).

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