States: “Are We Done with France?” Now Available

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Discover the second volume of States, Villa Albertine’s creative magazine dedicated to exchange in arts and ideas rooted in the US context.

Welcome to the second issue of States, a 280-page luxury bookazine that takes readers on a journey through an array of artistic and intellectual landscapes, inviting global creators and thinkers to reflect on profound, contemporary questions. States Magazine is not just a collection of articles; it is a platform for creators from around the world. The magazine brings together diverse textual and visual content, including interviews, analyses, op-eds, and reviews as well as comics, photographs, and illustrations to contribute to key cultural debates.

This year, States casts a discerning eye over transatlantic cultural exchange with its provocative theme: “Are we done with France?” This introspective inquiry not only addresses the historical significance of French culture but also challenges its present standing in a rapidly evolving global context. The main feature dives into this theme, central to France, a nation deeply embedded in its artistic and intellectual heritage and concerned by the decay of its own relevance as well as the global resonance of its arts and ideas.

Throughout the magazine, readers will discover a new wave of women in French cinema; ponder the artistic renaissance of Paris; and learn about Marseille, the Parisian bohemian scene, and the personal and intellectual journey of an American bread historian.

This issue also delves into the margins, using, for instance, the American desert as a canvas for introspection and inspiration for Villa Albertine’s residents. Photographer Laura Henno captures the spirit of the Slabers, a community etched into the Sonoran Desert, highlighting the nomadic heart that pulses through American history. SMITH and Marie NDiaye pursue trance states across the stark vistas of Death Valley and Joshua Tree, while writer Nina Léger examines the environmental and historical impact of gold prospecting in Oroville, California, weaving a narrative that questions the erasure of Native American histories.

On a quest to explore the grand myths that shape the American narrative, Villa Albertine evokes the spirit of a new frontier, venturing into uncharted waters with a unique maritime residence aboard the container ship Marius. In partnership with Marfret, we seek to revive the maritime imaginary, sailing from France to America and Australia via the Caribbean and the Panama Canal. Writer Arno Bertina and illustrator Pierre Buttin chronicle their scouting expedition in a captivating story and graphic logbook within the pages of the magazine.

Led by Editorial Director Raphaël Bourgois, States is a testament to Villa Albertine’s expansive vision, highlighting the diverse and multidisciplinary creatives who contribute to a broader global discourse. This issue of States is an ode to the enduring enigma of French culture and its intricate dance with modernity, asking readers to consider the multitude of ways in which it continues to inform, challenge, and enrich the world.

Each feature is more than a story, a testament to Villa Albertine’s profound belief in the power of imagination and invention as precursors to meaningful action. These narratives bridge the gap between differences, offering diverse viewpoints on the United States through French eyes, and on France through American lenses. They are an open door to the possibility of discovering common ground.

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This issue of States has been made possible thanks to the support of Albertine Foundation and Albertine Books Foundation, and through the generous contributions of Sana Sabbagh and Société Générale. As a major partner of Villa Albertine’s residencies, Société Générale supports the development of artistic careers, cultural outreach, and excellence.

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