New Novels for Young Readers

Still hoping that books will replace electronic devices in the hands of your teenager’s bedside table? Luckily for you, Cornelia Funke (Folio junior), Sara Pennypacker (Gallimard Jeunesse), and Marie Lenne-Fouquet (Talents Hauts, Nathan) have new books out and they are “unputdownable”!

Reading List

Les Nouvelles aventures de Cookie by Martine Laffont, illustrations by Louis Mézel

For kids ages 6-7 years old

To be someone else: to become a bear, or perhaps a duck. To sing with the whales. To change the world. These are all subjects that Cookie loves. Overflowing with ideas and always tinkering in his study, he has decided to chase his dreams and to not be satisfied with the world as it is. From her charmingly (and intentionally) naive and clumsy pencil, Louise Mézel gives life to facetious Cookie–a dog who is free, liberated, brimming with thoughts, and decidedly not like the others.

Les Nouvelles aventures de Cookie, by Martine Laffont, illustrated by Louis Mézel,

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L’Enfant multiple by Andrée Chédid

For kids ages 10 and up

The son of an Egyptian Muslim and a Lebanese Christian, Omar-Jo is a happy child. But he lives in Beirut in 1987 when a terrible war is taking place. One beautiful Sunday, a violent explosion takes away his arm and his parents.
In exile in Paris, the child is still hopeful. He meets Maxime, a carnival worker whose fairground is in disrepair. Omar-Jo wants to live; and with the magic fingers of his one hand, everything transforms into gold.

L’Enfant multiple by Andrée Chédid

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Le Château des Papayes by Sara Pennypacker

For kids ages 11 and up

In the eyes of others, it was just an unremarkable place with a half-ruined church. For Ware, an eleven-year-old and an unstoppable dreamer, it is a veritable castle with its tower and domain. For Jolène–who is crafty, funny, and courageous–it is the ideal place to grow papayas…They don’t know it yet but their meeting in this improbable refuge will be the beginning of an unforgettable summer.

Le Château des Papayes, Sara Pennypacker, Gallimard Jeunesse
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Le Cavalier du Dragon by Cornelia Funke

For kids ages 12 and up

Times are hard in the land of the silver dragons: men are threatening to invade their valley. Lóng, a young determined dragon, and Fleur-de-Soufre, an insufferable and cunning kobold set off in search of the Border of the Sky–a legendary territory beyond the Himalayas. They are soon joined by Ben, an intrepid orphan. But will their friendship and their courage be enough when they are confronted with terrifying enemies?

Le Cavalier du Dragon, Cornelia Funke, Folio Junior, Gallimard Jeunesse
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Corps de Fille by Marie Lenne-Fouquet

For 13 years and up

For 14 year-old Agathe, summer vacation is not like the ones before: Sofiane, her childhood friend, has a boyfriend; her body is changing; her relationship with her mother is more and more difficult; and she has problems expressing how she feels.
During one evening, a stupid game is organized. The stakes are a kiss, and Warren kisses her in front of everyone without her consent. It was her first kiss and it was stolen from her. Disgusted and revolted, Agathe seeks refuge in boxing, becoming friends with Billie–who will help her find self-confidence and the strength to respect herself again.

Corps de Fille, Marie Lenne-Fouquet, Talents Hauts, Nathan
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