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What are you in the mood for this week? Discovering a secret Paris full of animals? Listening to Gabriel’s odyssey from the bustling city to the quiet of Grandpa’s country house? Hearing about the adventures of Jeanne Macaigne’s house who decides to move out for a change of air? Here they are with many others for you to choose from!

Reading List

Le Paris des animaux by Julien Baer and Sébastien Mourrain

For kids ages 3 and up

Everyone knows Paris–the Eiffel Tower, its wide boulevards, the Champs Elysees. But Julien Baer and Sebasiten Mourrain invite us to discover a secret Paris full of animals. Between subtle hidden jokes in the illustrations and surrealist poetry, this book full of riddles is an invitation to the imagination and can be savored by both children and parents alike. 

Le Paris des animaux, a picture album by Julien Baer and Sébastien Mourrain, Hélium
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Les Cheveux de Léontine by Rémi Gourgeon

For kids ages 4 and up

Léontine is a shy and solitary little girl who is made fun of by the other kids. Her long black hair allows her to hide and keep to herself. It is also a bond–the only bond that keeps her attached to her father who died when she was very young. One day, she notices that it begins to move and comes to life to protect her when she falls, to help her, to make her laugh, and her life begins to change…She feels stronger and can experience the joys of life and friendship. A tender and poetic book.

Léontine, by Rémi Courgeon, Nathan
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Gabriel by Maylis Daufresne, Juliette Lagrange

For kids ages 4 and up

One Friday night, Gabriel leaves school and jumps into Mom’s car.
In his head, everything is all mixed up and grumbling and almost about to burst. The schoolwork, the things to clean up, all the noise in the city, a dad who isn’t there, a mom who is always tired, the thunder in the distance. Gabriel wants to leave Paris as quickly as he can, to be in the calm of Grandpa’s house–in his garden surrounded by fields and forests.

Gabriel by Maylis Daufresne and Juliette Lagrange, La Joie de Lire
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Eau salée by Emilie Vast

Kids ages 5 and up

Low tide. The fish have receded back with the ocean. Immersive double pages and richly informative texts follow one after another to show us the surprising hourly transformations of the beach as it is slowly submerged by saltwater. This timed perspective allows us to see all the beach’s fascinating diversity.
After the adventurous Plantes vagabondes, Émilie Vast presents us with an incredible panorama of ocean life. And to move from one shore to the next, a second book, Eau douce, lets us spend a year at the bottom and on the shore of a river.

Eau Salée by Emilie Vast, Mémo

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Changer D'air by Jeanne Macaigne

For kids ages 5 and up

In its neighborhood, a House lives happily with its inhabitants. It enjoys keeping them warm during winter, comforting them during back-to-school time, and keeping their secrets. But one day, the inhabitants no longer understand each other and anger and bitterness arrive. Their fighting damages the House and begins to destroy it.
The House decides to leave with its inhabitants for a change of scene.

In Changer d’air, Jeanne Macaigne’s illustrations–full of fantasy, humor, and poetry–are put to good use in this story about ecology and relationships with others.

Changer d’air by Jeanne Macaigne, Les fourmis rouges
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Confettis by Adèle Jolivard

For kids ages 6 and up

Through five stories, Adèle Jolivard shows us the diary of a little girl during an entire school year. The first days of school in September, the gathering of mushrooms in the fall, Carnaval and its floats, the summery end of the year…

Although seemingly calm on the surface, these stories reveal in a very precise and sensitive way the feelings of childhood–both its discoveries and its worries.

Confettis by Adèle Jolivard
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