New Children’s Books

Spring is on its way! It’s time to discover our new favorite releases for kids.  From funny ghosts stories to books with beautiful illustrations, this selection is specially made for our little readers.

Come to Albertine to choose your favorite  and enjoy it during a beautiful afternoon in Central Park!

Reading List

L'Étrange allergie de Bernadette by Emilie Chazarand et Marie Leghima

Bernadette has a very unusual allergy: she’s allergic to children. Quite a problem in everyday life, because there are children EVERYWHERE she looks! A lovely album with detailed, colorful drawings that invites us into Bernadette’s world against her will!

Jeu de Pom by Léa Louis

But where does the bear that is terrifying the whole town hide? Is he as horrible as it sounds? Finding that out is Pom’s mission in this poetic, dreamlike story. Léa Louis immerges us into Pom’s universe with her large-scale drawings.

Le fantôme en slip by Marion Puech

Sure enough you must be familiar with ghost train. But have you already taken a second look at what goes on behind the scenes of a ghost train? have you ever seen a ghost in underwear? Here’s a story that will give little ones and older alike the chivers of laughter! This album has everything you could wish for: beautiful saturated colors, lovely narrative, humor, including cute little characters.

Une année ensemble by Claire Lebourg

You don’t need to know how to read to appreciate Claire Lebourg’s watercolor illustrations. Page after page, take the time to meticulously observe the life of these little cats.

Les Rois de l’Univers by Antoine Dole et Magali Le Huche

Justin was sitting quietly in his room when suddenly… an alien shows up and tells him he’s king of the world! A big responsibility for a little boy. Justin’s colorful story teaches us that we’re all capable of great things!

Partir Loin by Juliette Huin et Marlène Jann

This collection of prose poems is illustrated with large, detailed plates to keep young and old alike wildly entertained. A beautiful book for inspiring bedtime stories!

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