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Art lovers rejoice! You will not be disappointed by new publications about: Paris; Bagatelle; Berthe Morisot, and Vincent Van Gogh’s last months. Swing by our store to check them out while supplies last!

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Reading List

Berthe Morizot et l'art du 18ème siècle by Marianne Mathieu, Dominique d' Arnoult, Claire Gooden, Lois Oliver

For unconditional of the impressionists

A founder of the Impressionist movement, Berthe Morisot was an intrinsic part of the circle of avant-garde painters that championed individuality, creativity, and modernity. A painter who masters the art of the pastel and aquarelle, she won immediate recognition from her prestigious pairs, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, P-A Renoir… This new publication offers tons of new information about her paintings and greatly contribute to enrich our comprehension of Morizot’s work.

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For Fans of Van Gogh’s latest works

Born from a collaboration between the Van Gogh Museum and the Orsay Museum, this book offers a new dating of Van Gogh’s work,  and deciphers his artistic production that remains little known and analyses the psychic suffering that brought the painter to end his life.

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Paris des peintres et des écrivains is a true declaration of love to Paris. Its author, Sophie Chauveau, explores its streets, squares and cafés, gardens, monuments and museums, to find the magic of the places where the painters and writers who immortalized the city forever lived and worked. She goes in search of all Parisians, loved and hated. She goes in search of her memories, and ours too.

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Bagatelle, A Princely Residence by Nicolas Cattelain

For Lovers of Cultural Patrimony 

In 1775, the Comte d’Artois, brother of Louis XVI and future King Charles X, purchased the Bagatelle estate in the Bois de Boulogne on the outskirts of Paris. The sumptuous château he constructed there—designed by François-Joseph Bélanger and modeled on a neo-Palladian villa—along with its picturesque gardens were lauded by prestigious European and American visitors, including Thomas Jefferson.
Embark with Nicolas Cattelain on an unprecedented tour of the history, art, and gardens of Château de Bagatelle, the Parisian getaway villa of kings and royal family members.

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From John Dos Passos to Paul Morand, from Edith Wharton to Henry James, New York lends itself to all forms of writing. And many others, like Walt Whitman, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Arthur Miller, Tom Wolfe or Paul Auster, have dreamed and fantasized about this city, making it the theater of their most intimate explorations. But if New York has acquired the status of literary myth, this city is also that of painters, from George Bellows and Colin Campbell Cooper to Joan Sloan, Childe Hassam and Edward Hopper, who each knew how to sublimate its architecture, light, and atmosphere. This illustrated anthology draws on literature and painting, from the 17th century to the present day, to showcase the beauty of New York, from its origins as a small Dutch village to its status as “capital of the world.” This dialogue between selected quotes and famous paintings reveals a New York that is sometimes flamboyant and prestigious, sometimes mysterious and poetic, in an uninterrupted variation of atmospheres and emotions.

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Caillebotte : l'essentiel by Anne Sefrioui

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