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Vernon Subutex

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Vernon Subutex

Virginie Despentes’s newest hero, Vernon Subutex, is on a slippery slope: a former record shop keeper, he survives by squatting in abandoned apartments of outcasts. Fortunately—and though he is unaware—he is in possession of a treasure: videotapes of a singer who was the victim of an overdose.  The tapes soon stir the attention of all sorts.

A masterful human comedy—and on point with its era—Vernon Subutex overflows with energy, revolt, and anger.  The first volume of a trilogy, this panorama of characters features multiple voices andoffers both a taste of Rock ‘n Roll and an unforgiving x-ray of our society.


Vernon Subutex, by Virginie Despentes, Grasset, 2015.

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By Virginie Despentes
Pages: 400 Pages
Format: Book
Language: French
Dimensions: 225 mm x 140 mm x 25 mm
Publication Date:
07 January 2015
ISBN-10 : 224671351X
Vernon Subutex est un ancien disquaire, rescapé d'un monde en voie de disparition. Beaucoup de ses amis proches sont morts, ou ont quitté Paris. Reste Alex Bleach, chanteur... Read more
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