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Temps Glaciaires

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Temps Glaciaires

At long last, the hazy, unfathomable Commissioner Adamsberg is back, accompanied by his team—a group of whimsical and disarming characters.  This time, he tries to get to the bottom of a group of murders committed by a mysterious killer who marks his victims with a cryptic symbol: a drawing of a guillotine.  What links the victims?  Bringing the reader along for a torturous investigation at the boundary of fantasy and madness, Adamsberg takes us to the barren landscape of a magical island and brings us back through the terrible, imperishable footsteps of Robespierre.

With unforgettable characters, cutting dialogue, and a tense, occasionally surreal atmosphere, Fred Vargas spins tales that are easily devoured in one sitting.

Temps Glaciaires, a novel by Fred Vargas, Flammarion, 2015 

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Temps glaciaires
By Fred Vargas
Pages: 496 Pages
Format: Book
Language: French
Dimensions: 200 mm x 130 mm x 33 mm
Publication Date:
04 Mars 2015
ISBN-10 : 2081360446
« Adamsberg attrapa son téléphone, écarta une pile de dossiers et posa les pieds sur sa table, s'inclinant dans son fauteuil. Il avait à peine fermé l'oeil cette nuit, une de ses soeurs ayant... Read more
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