Sleepless by Marie Darrieussecq

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You thought you didn’t sleep well? Wait until you read what Marie Darrieussecq experiences on a daily basis!

Insomnia is an affliction that affects writers in particular! In the course of a story or investigation (or quest?) about sleep, the author plunges us into her quest for a peaceful night’s sleep. This book is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the various techniques that exist for falling into the arms of Morpheus.

With the help of documents, anecdotes from writers and her own experience, Marie Darrieussecq gives us the opportunity to learn more about what makes sleep so precious. Sleepless offers a more general reflection on what drives us to sleep, what keeps us awake, what helps us sleep: you may never sleep again, so captivated will you be by this book!

Sleepless, by Marie Darrieussecq, trans from the French by Penny Hueston, Semiotext(e)

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