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Pas Pleurer – Prix Goncourt 2014

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Pas Pleurer – Prix Goncourt 2014

A painful story about the Spanish Civil War, Lydie Salvayre’s tale unfolds in the wake of the drama of Montse and focuses on a young peasant named Josep, whose anarchist brother is in the process of discovering his own revolutionary soul. This imaginative story is complemented by the novelist Georges Bernanos’ commentary on the war and his naïve support of — and subsequent disgust with — the Spanish Catholic church and its “goddamn purifying militants.” With a family divided between a monolithic father controlled by Franco’s fury and revolting children, the entire Spanish tragedy comes to the surface.


Pas Pleurer, Le Seuil, 2014

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Pas pleurer
By Lydie Salvayre
Pages: 288 Pages
Publisher: SEUIL
Format: Book
Language: French
Dimensions: 205 mm x 140 mm x 20 mm
Publication Date:
21 Août 2014
ISBN-10 : 2021116190
Deux voix entrelacées. Celle, révoltée, de Georges Bernanos, témoin direct de la guerre civile espagnole, qui dénonce la terreur exercée par les nationaux avec la bénédiction de l'Église catholique... Read more
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