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New York in Pyjamarama

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New York in Pyjamarama

Has it ever occurred to you that pajamas might be the best outfit to explore NYC? In New York in Pyjamarama, a young child falls asleep, and in his dreams he flies over New York. As you move the vinyl leaf above the pages, images start moving, wheels start turning, and cars start running. These cartoons create the illusion of a town beaming with energy, and the stripes themselves derive from an old animation technique, called ombro-cinema, that creates a visual impression of movement simply by using an acetate sheet.

A fascinating introduction to the history of film for your little ones.


New York in Pyjamarama by Michaël Leblond and Frédérique Bertrand, éditions du Rouergue

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New york en pyjamarama
By Leblond, Michael; Bertrand, Frederique
Pages: 24 Pages
Publisher: ROUERGUE
Format: Book
Language: French
Dimensions: 320 mm x 240 mm x 6 mm
Publication Date:
08 October 2011
ISBN-10 : 2812602600
Le pyjama à rayures est idéal pour réveiller une très ancienne technique de l'animation : l'ombro-cinéma. Passées la couverture et les premières pages, un enfant s'endort... Read more
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