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The day that she realizes that she has no desire to move in with her lover—W—and in all likelihood, never will, our narrator decides to put an end to their 6 years old relationship. But when W calls to inform her that he has met someone else and that he is about to move with that person, the narrator’s life shifts into an all-consuming jealousy that permeates even the smallest details of her existence.

Annie Ernaux describes this obsession, less as a desire to win over W anew than a fiction that feeds on the meaningless crumbs of reality, a poison that invades all and keeps you from seeing life from other perspectives.

L’Occupation, a novel by Annie Ernaux, Folio / The Occupation, a novel translated from the French by Anna Moschovakis, Seven Stories Press

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By Annie Ernaux
Publisher: Gallimard
Format: Paperback / softback
Language: French
Publication Date:
28 Août 2003
ISBN-10 : 2070301699
« J'avais quitté W. Quelques mois après, il m'a annoncé qu'il allait vivre avec une femme, dont il a refusé de me dire le nom. À partir de ce moment, je suis tombée dans la jalousie. L'image et... Read more
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