Le Prix des âmes

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Discovering that her husband has cheated on her, Lucie, an attractive and well educated woman in her early thirties, decides to divorce. Her separation puts a brutal end to her overly protected life. As she finds herself struggling with a pathetic salary and meaningless romances, Lucie decides to become a luxury escort. In her new role, nothing escapes her control, from high fees, to select clients, to luxurious and discreet hotel rooms.

“As far as money was concerned, Lucie showed herself to be a quick learner: reaching out with her hand, smiling, counting the bills, and putting them away in her handbag. Against all odds, she was completely at ease in this system. While her private life was stacked between relationships with no future and a job with very low pay, her public life – by contrast – was on all accounts happy and harmonious. In her everyday life, money corrupted everything, but in her public life, it cleaned up everything: no lies, no misunderstandings, the agreement was perfectly clear. Each one would give exactly what the other expected.”

Worried, Viviane, Lucie’s childhood friend, sends her to her own psychoanalyst. And Lucie’s charms and appetite for life turn the quiet and grey existence of the doctor upside down. Le Prix des âmes is a bitter sweet comedy that investigates how money interferes with most human relationships and reveals the multiple facets of our super-modern solitude.

Le Prix des âmes, by Emmanuelle Pol

A novel, Finitudes, 2015

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