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La Septième Fonction du langage

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La Septième Fonction du langage

Don’t expect to find anything reminiscent of Binet’s international bestselling debut, Hhhh, in La Septième Fonction du langage. His second novel is an erudite, dense, and messy novel with an abnormal premise: imagine that Roland Barthes wasn’t killed in an accident as is commonly believed, but was actually murdered. What if the linguist had discovered the secret to a limitless power that made him a target for the rich and mighty?

What unfolds is brazen fiction, where hilariously irreverent scenes form a stack of episodes – Foucault at the Turkish baths, Umberto Eco at the café, Mitterrand at a work meeting, Sollers trying to plan orgies –a world revolving around the question central to this glimmering novel: what is the power of language? A brilliant, comic and addictive piece of fiction!

Laurent Binet, La Septième Fonction du langage, Grasset

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La septième fonction du langage
By Laurent Binet
Pages: 496 Pages
Format: Book
Language: French
Dimensions: 205 mm x 140 mm x 32 mm
Publication Date:
19 Août 2015
ISBN-10 : 2246776015
« A Bologne, il couche avec Bianca dans un amphithéâtre du XVIIe et il échappe à un attentat à la bombe. Ici, il manque de se faire poignarder dans une bibliothèque de nuit par un... Read more
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