D’après une histoire vraie

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The success of her last novel has left Delphine — the protagonist of de Vigan’s latest novel — vulnerable and out of inspiration. The feeling of being useless permeates her life: her children are now independent adults, while her companion, a busy journalist, spends a lot of time away from home. So when Delphine meets L, a charismatic and self-confident woman, she naively expects that this encounter will help her overcome her writer’s block. L is the ideal friend, endlessly available, always resourceful. Before long, L, who is also a writer, interferes with every aspect of Delphine’s existence, including the more private ones, and sucks the life out of her completely…

Delphine de Vigan turns this bourgeois drama into a psychological thriller that will keep you up all night!

D’après une histoire vraie, a novel by Delphine de Vigan, éditions JC lattès.

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