Ariol, Just A Dunkey Like You and Me

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This 12-volume series follows the daily life and adventures of an irresistible blue donkey named Ariol, his best friend Ramono the pig, and Petunia the cow he has fallen for. Ariol is a prankster middle-grader who loves to plays superheroes, longs for his sweetheart, and takes pride in pleasing his parents. Ariol relates everyday school stories from charming characters you can’t help but love.

Marc Boutavant’s subtle humor is likely to surprise more than one parent. And its drawings add a touch of magic to down-to-earth narratives of Emmanuel Guibert, author of the famous Sardine in Outer Space and The Professor’s Daughter.


Ariol, Just A Dunkey Like You and Me by Emmanuel Guibert and Marc Boutavant, Papercutz, 2013


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