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aka Marcel Duchamp

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aka Marcel Duchamp

What better way to explore the evolving impact and influence of Duchamp and his work than by looking at both through a wide variety of lenses? This gorgeous edition does just that, examining his career from many angles: photography, fashion, art criticism, curation, Dadaism, mathematics, and more. What emerges is a richly complex portrait of one of the 20th century’s most important artists, which is exactly what he deserves.
aka Marcel Duchamp: Meditations on the Identities of an Artist
Edited by Anne Collins Goodyear & James W. McManus, Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press
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Aka Marcel Duchamp
By Anne Collins Goodyear
Pages: 400 Pages
Publisher: Smithsonian Books
Format: Hardback
Language: English
Publication Date:
June 2, 2014
ISBN-10 : 193562315X
aka Marcel Duchamp" is an anthology of recent essays by leading scholars on Marcel Duchamp, arguably the most influential artist of the twentieth century. With scholarship addressing the full range of... Read more
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