Aimez-vous Brahms

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A love triangle in the city of love, Paris. Paule, an attractive woman, with a  successful career as fashion designer, is turning 40. As her boyfriend is progressively  loosing interest in her, Paule wonders whether she should give in to the passionate courtship of a handsome man, 15 years younger than her.

Okay, this story of  a woman forced to look at her mid-life options and trying to recapture the exuberance and passion of youth might have a parfum of deja vu. Nevertheless Aimez-vous Brahms is first and furmore a fine and sensitive study of loneliness, and of the curious attraction for a self-centered bully of an old lover versus the volatile, sensitive and slightly morbid younger man. Not to mention the addictive power of Sagan’s ‘little music’!


Aimez-vous Brahms, a novel by Françoise Sagan, Pocket

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