Travel the World Through Children’s Books

Summers are for travel! Since it might be difficult to leave the U.S. this year, we have selected a handful of books that will take your little ones on a memorable journey, from China to the Country of Ice(cream). Buckle your seatbelts and prepare for takeoff!

Reading List

Rangement de Printemps by Sylvia Vanden Heedand, Thé Tjong-Khing

For kids ages 2 and up!

Today is a perfect day for Spring cleaning, exclaims Bunny, but Fox doesn’t share her views. While conflict threatens to disturb their peaceful morning,  Owl arrives, pushing a big box full of clothing into his friends’ living room. Our three friends then engage in a crazy costume party. That’s when another crises surfaces….

Rangement de Printemps
by Sylvia Vanden Heedand Thé Tjong-Khing, L’Agrume

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Les Chiens pirates, Prisonniers des glaces by Clémentine Mélois & Rudy Spiessert

For kids ages 4 and up.

Are you familiar with the dogs pirates? the funniest pirates you will find around the five oceans. After cheating at a poker game, our friends find themselves in the possession of a map of the Country of Ice(cream).
Who could resist? Certainly not our favorites sailors who set to sail the next morning, direction: the North Pole.
Let’s just say that their odyssey will be humorous and full of surprises.

Les Chiens pirates, Prisonniers des glaces by Clementine Mélois & Rudy Spiessert , L’Ecole des loisirs

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Bigoudi by Delphine Perret, Sebastien Mourrain

For kids ages 6 and up!

Remember Bigoudi? The charming little country girl who had a hard time adjusting to NY when her parents moved the family there? Well, years have gone by and Bigoudi is no longer a kid but a woman of a certain age, and NY now feels like her second family.
Her daily visits take her and her dog Alphonse to Luigi’s for a morning coffee, then to Orlando’s for her hair, and to George’s for Alphonse’s bone….
Bigoudi’s schedule is jam-packed to the point that Bigoudi doesn’t have a minute to herself, until the day Alphonse dies, and her life unravels. Bigoudi then starts spending her days locked in her apartment, alone with her sadness. Until the day….

A lovely and tender story about aging, loss, grieving and the importance of kindness and friendship!

Bigoudi, by Delphine Perret and Sébastian Mourrain, Les Fourmis Rouges

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Ciels Rouges by Isabelle Simler

For kids ages 6 and up!

Ciels Rouges, Isabelle Simler’s latest album, is a travel book in disguise, an invitation to wander through Xinjiang, an independent region located in Northeastern China. Simler is in search of information about the Butterfly Princess, a historical figure and a legend, who is said to have walked all around Tourfan, an oasis of a town, also called “the shiny pearl of the silk road (la brillante perle de la route de la soie).”
Caves with thousands of buddhas, the fire mountain, the natural reservation Hanas, and Kashgar are many fascinating key steps before her discovery of the Butterfly Princess Mausoleum.

Beyond the magnificent landscapes, this picture book is also a bilingual Chinese French picture book. Simler teaches us the names of local animals, plants, fruits and veggies together with local people and their passion for painting, dancing, singing!

Ciels Rouges by Isabelle Simler, Courtes et Longues

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