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Young readers rejoice! Jean-Philippe Arrou-Vignaud and François Place have joined forces in a new novel: Olympe de Roquedor, a captivating historical story full of adventure and romance. And it is just out! Among other good news, Jo Witek’s Mo and his not-so-extraordinary family are now in paperback; as well as Jean Molla’s Felicidad–which is full of breathtaking adventures that take place in Great Europe, where happiness is both a right and a duty.

Which one will you read first?

Reading List

Ages 8 and up

Mo is an unremarkable little boy but with a lot of nicknames: at home he is Mo, or Little Head, or Four-Eyes; at school, they call him Maurice Dambek.
In his little apartment, they speak loudly, the TV is always on and bad language is always in the air! At school, everyone speaks properly like they do in books.
But one day, Mo discovers his friend Hippolyte’s house and the wall of photos in his living room where all of the famous people from the family are shown: a famous humanitarian doctor, a writer, an actor in the Comédie-Française and even a Nobel-Prize winner! Starting from this moment, Mo begins to distance himself and be ashamed of his ramshackle family where there are no heroes, only zeroes. But in an old family album, he is going to make a discovery…

Y a pas de héros dans ma famille ! by Jo Witek, Gallimard jeunesse

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Olympe de Roquedor by Jean-Philippe Arrou-Vignod, illustrated by François Place

Ages 10 and up

An adventure novel, an ode to friendship, love, and youth!
Olympe, the Marquise of Roquedor, must marry the son of the neighboring count so that he can gain all her land and wealth. But Olympe doesn’t see things this way: she flees into the woods and comes up with a ruse so that she can return to her domain. Along the way, she meets a soldier and a young man who will then join her for her adventures. What follows is a race against the clock to stop the marriage!

Olympe de Roquedor by Jean-Philippe Arrou-Vignod and François Place, Gallimard jeunesse

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Felicidad by Jean Molla

Ages 14 and up

For all the Citizens of Great Europe, happiness is a right and a duty. It is the guarantee of a harmonious and policed society.

At the request of the minister of Interior Security, lieutenant Alexis Dekcked investigates something of the highest importance. The Parumains–who were designed to serve humans–have revolted and fled into the enclaves of Felicidad. Is their disappearance linked to the murder of their creator, Choelcher, the brilliant geneticist? Why was the minister of Obligatory Happiness savagely assassinated? Can Dekcked trust Majhina, the beautiful Parumain with whom he is in love? His investigation will lead him to things that should never have been brought to light.

An homage to Blade Runner, the novel by Jean Molla mixes suspense and action. Between a detective novel and science fiction, it is a story told at a breathtaking rhythm.

Felicidad by Jean Molla, Gallimard jeunesse – Pole Fiction

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