New Picture Books To Read This Fall

To keep your little ones dreaming this fall, you can rely on new books by Olivier Tallec, Magali Le Huche, Soyung Lee, Stéphanie Demasse-Pottier and Laura Nsafou! Get ready to explore the country of fabulous trees, to spend a day in the life of Kate Moche, to experience the end of the summer blues, or to hear about the tumultuous friendship of White Toad and Red Toad. A vos livres !

Reading List

For kids ages 4 and up.

Have you heard of the upside-down tree? What about the tree that doesn’t know what it
wants to be? (A maple tree, one day, and an apple or pine tree, on another day.)
What about the willow tree that weeps socks, the palm tree with leaves of combs, the stormy
tree, the ice cream tree, or the big screen TV tree?

If you haven’t heard of any of these, then this book is for you! You’ll discover
some of the strangest trees and go on a fabulous adventure to the country of trees, dreams,
and wild ideas!

Le Livre des arbres plantes qui restent à découvrir by Oliver Tallec, Actes Sud Junior

Fin d’été by Stéphanie Demasse-Pottier

For kids ages 4 and up

Who hasn’t felt the summer blues on the last days of vacation? To feel better, our story’s family decides to extend their vacation by a night, with one last detour on the way back home.

Illustrated with beautiful pastels by Clarisse Lochmann, Fin d’été is as tender, as it is subdued and melancholic. An instant classic!

Fin d’été by Stéphanie Demasse-Pottier, L’étagère Du Bas




For kids ages 4 and up

White Toad and Red Toad live together in the forest. White Toad and Red Toad love each other despite their differences. Red Toad likes reading, writing poetry, and being alone in peace. White Toad loves nothing more than being surrounded by his friends. When White Toad decides to throw a big party, things get tense with Red Toad…

A beautifully illustrated story about friendship, jealousy, and getting along with others.

Ce n’est pas grave, mon crapaud, by Soyung Lee, éd. Des Eléphants


Kate Moche by Antoine Dole & Magali Le Huche

For kids ages 5 and up

At school, kids make fun of Kate and call her “Ugly Kate.” But their meanness doesn’t concern her. When she looks at herself in the mirror, she sees a world-renowned scientist, a doctor adored by her patients, an astronaut… With a future wide open with possibilities, Kate doesn’t even have time to think about mean jokes and insults!

A delightful book that encourages children to stand their ground against teasing, bullying, and other harmful acts!

Kate Moche, by Antoine Dole & Magali Le Huche, Actes Sud Junior

Le Chemin de Jada by Laura Nsafou & Barbara Brun

For kids ages 6 and up

Iris and Jada are twin sisters and look so much alike, like two peas in a pod, with one exception: the color of their skin. Iris has light skin while Jada has dark skin. One night, while the two sisters are playing hide-and-seek, Jada, tired of being made fun of all the time, goes off into the forest looking for other children of the night – children like her, as her grandmother used to always say…

A beautiful story that helps us understand the harmful effects of discrimination.

Le Chemin de Jada, by Laura Nsafou & Barbara Brun, Cambourakis