Holiday Gift Ideas – Young Adult & Fantasy

This selection that will help you find the right gift for your teenager, young adult or yourself!

Reading List

For teenagers 14 and up

Leigh Bardugo has succeeded in building a fascinating world, where it’s a real pleasure to follow the band of six outcasts she’s created. Join them on a fabulous, epic journey to win an unprecedented haul of gold. Of course, be prepared for a few twists and turns….

Vango t.1 ; entre ciel et terre by Timothée de Fombelle

12 and up

Vango is a beautifully written story with fascinating characters and captivating scenarios, set in one of the most critical periods of world history. Timothée de Fombelle has created an enthralling adventure that I recommend to everyone, including adults!

Le ciel est partout by Jandy Nelson

14 and up

Jandy Nelson has a special way of writing about grief. In Le Ciel est partout, she does a wonderful job of capturing how Lennie — who’s just lost her sister, Bailey — deals with all of the contradicting emotions and the process of grieving, while also having to discover who she is without Bailey. Far from being too dark, this book is full of light and will resonate with many people.

Cogito by Victor Dixen

12 and up

An excellent book, mixing dystopia and sci-fi, that questions the position of human beings in relation to technology. An emotionally-charged novel that will surprise you and make you think about the future we want to build!

Mature content – reader discretion is advised

Let yourself be carried away by Sarah J. Maas’s writing and the (very) rich universe she has created in this book. In a world filled with angels, wolfmen and demons, Bryce Quinlan, a young, party-loving, half-Fae/half-human woman, finds herself at the helm of an investigation accompanied by the deliciously dangerous Hunt Athalar, a fallen angel. An exciting adventure, full of unexpected twists and turns!

If you’re looking for a beautiful and complex world, stop everything: Le Prieuré de l’oranger is the book you’re searching for. The characters of Samantha Shannon are real, and each of their points of view will fill you with different fears and hopes. Let yourself be tempted by this epic read!

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