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Every holiday season comes with decadent piles of new coffee table books, this selection aims to help you find the right fit for the photo and movie buffs around you!

Reading List

For Unwavering Supporters of La Nouvelle Vague

“Many of [Varda]’s films are incredible, and when one watches them today, it becomes clear that she was the mother of la Nouvelle Vague.” Laure Adler

As surprising as it sounds, no biography of Varda was ever published before this long essay. A situation that might be explained in part by the fact that Varda – a filmmaker, photographer and visual artist as she introduces herself – has already said a lot about herself and spent a considerable amount of time documenting her own work.

This publication by Laure Adler comes along with an exhibition on Agnès Varda at the Cinémathèque française (Paris). Another potential reason might be that for a long time, Varda has been considered as a sweet bizarre grandma, instead of the radical avant garde and art theorist she is. In this richly illustrated book –150 photos chosen by her daughter, Rosalie Varda– Laure Adler gives a comprehensive portrait of Agnès : friend and lover, companion and mother, avant garde artist and breakthrough producer. From her first film de La Pointe courte, to her last, Varda by Agnès, Adler shows how this deeply iconoclast and revolutionary artist succeeded in immortalizing the many metamorphosis of her times.

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For Admirers of Céline’s Death on The Installment Plan.

Among the manuscripts of Louis-Ferdinand Céline discovered in July 2021, were 1633 pages of his previously published novel, Death on The Installment Plan, whose existence had remained unknown until then.

These pages are an exceptional testament to the creation of a literary masterpiece. After the critical acclaim for Journey to the End of the Night, Céline started working on his second novel, and would devote himself to it from 1933 til 1936.

This daunting project, first envisioned as a trilogy, resulted in Death on The Installment Plan, a narrative that covers the childhood and formative years of Ferdinand, the protagonist of Journey to the End of the Night. These recently found manuscript pages – here transcripted and reproduced in their entirety – reveal not only the extraordinary stylistic ambition, but also the incredibly high standard of Céline’s creative energy.

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William Klein: YES by William Klein

Photographer. Filmmaker. Artist. Designer. To master one of those disciplines would be a lifetime achievement for any creative individual, yet William Klein’s career was celebrated in each of them over the last eight decades. Klein was one of the great image makers of the 20th century and one whose work remains an enduring creative influence on the work of contemporary artists, photographers, and filmmakers.

With over 250 images, this career retrospective explores the late William Klein’s entire creative and artistic arc. Directed by Klein himself, from the selection of content to book design, this large-format publication looks back at his uncompromisingly creative lifetime, showcasing Klein’s prolific and relentlessly innovative contribution to the world of photography, art, design, and filmmaking.

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Deborah Turbeville: Photocollage by Nathalie Herschdorfer

For Fashion Photography Enthusiasts

American photographer Deborah Turbeville redefined fashion photography, transforming it from a commercial enterprise into an avant-garde art. Her work defies classification as it belongs to no school nor movement. Her unique visual signature has been recognizable since her emergence as a major talent in the 1970s. Her images are evocative, difficult to date at first glance, and seem dreamlike to our twenty-first-century eyes, a very different representation of feminine beauty from the highly sexualized works of her male contemporaries.

Deborah Turbeville: Photocollage (Thames & Hudson), a new publication by Nathalie Herschdorfer, reveals a body of work that demonstrates where Turbeville genius as an artist can be found: photo collage. Built upon extensive research in the Deborah Turbeville archives at MUUS Collection, this career-spanning monograph highlights work from around the world, including photographs from her award-winning series Unseen Versailles.

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For Unconditional Fans of Catherine Deneuve

How did Catherine Dorléac become Catherine Deneuve? How hard is it to embody the face of France in the world? What does it take to keep a movie legend alive? If The Devil wears Prada, why does Catherine Deneuve dress in Saint-Laurent? What would Jacques Demy’s movies look like without her? What is exactly the color Deneuve blonde?

You’ll learn all that and much more by reading the contributions of all time admirers of Deneuve like Gilles Jacob, Etienne Daho, Marjane Satrapi, Hirokazu Kore-eda, Loïc Prigent, Laure Adler, Pierre Salvadori, Alain Terzian…

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Tante Simone by Dominique Nabokov

Photographer Dominique Nabokov was raised by her aunt Simone from the age of four, in a detached house surrounded by a modest garden in the French town of Compiègne. Those formative years would be a blend of everydayness—from picnics to car rides in the family’s Deux Chevaux—and of vivid daydreams propelled by her fascination with Hollywood and its stars. After her aunt’s death in 1999, Dominique decided to photograph the house, as it was left, to keep a record of the place where it all began and a memory of the person behind it.

Dominique Nabokov is a celebrated photographer who lives between Paris and New York. Her Living Room series, which intimately portrayed the interior worlds of the cultural nomenclature in New York, Paris, and Berlin, was first published by The New Yorker and is now available with Appartamento. It has been internationally acclaimed.

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New York Waterfront Diary by Sophie Fenwick

More than a mere documentation of an essential part of the life of the city, New York Waterfront Diary is a meditation on time and distance. Echoing the richly observed details in the stories of the New Yorker writer and waterfront wanderer Joseph Mitchell, and the grittily poetic settings of Elia Kazan’s 1954 film On the Waterfront, Fenwick’s project summons both memory and imagination.
A longtime New Yorker, Fenwick was born in Manhattan, spent part of her childhood in France, and moved back to New York at the age of nine. After she began living in Brooklyn when she was in her early twenties, and while she was working at Magnum Photos, Fenwick was inspired to begin documenting the waterfront, often capturing scenes of abandonment and decay.

The book features nearly two hundred images drawn from an archive of photographs –gelatin silver prints, color slides, still taken from Super 8 films, and digital snapshots– Fenwick has been created since the early 1990s

Some of the photographs appear alongside poetry she calls “nocturnal daydreams,” which Fenwick wrote during the darkest days of the Covid-19 pandemic, in spring 2020, when her father died and she was unable to join her family in France. Dream meets reality in words and images that evoke challenges the city has faced over time and the solace offered by its proximity to water.

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