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A reading list by Miriam Bridenne
  about time
About Time
Inspired by Muratyan’s travels across four continents and illustrated in his signature splashy, collagist art, About Time explores our ideas about time and memory in a colorful, captivating way. From travel to technology, fashion to friendship, happiness to heartbreak, Muratyan’s illustrations capture how time touches every aspect of our lives. Time flies, or time crawls, and you can take it, break it, spend it, lose it, save it, or forget it. Time shapes our relationships, our memories, our hopes, and our dreams. And only with time can possibilities become reality. Warm, funny, chic, and as graphically pleasing as its predecessor, About Time is a meditation on and celebration of how we spend our lives.  
About Time by Vahram Muratayan, Little Brown


A Parisianer Proof:
if New York has The New Yorker,
and Paris is as beautiful as New York,
then Paris deserves The Parisianer.
The Parisianer is a love letter to Paris that showcases the covers–designed by 128 gifted artists–of an imaginary magazine. Their witty, graceful and humorous illustrations convey the complex charm of the City of Lights: from dreamy outdoor cafes, to street protests, to getting lost along Grands Boulevards, to the Jardin du Luxembourg, to dancing all night long in the many boîtes de nuit.

 The Parisianer, Collectif, 10/18

 Full speed ahead

Full Speed Ahead! 
Which animal is faster: the giant Galapagos tortoise or the hedgehog? You’d guess the tortoise, right? False! The hedgehog is faster, but it’s also barely faster than a millipede – in fact both crawl at the same speed. Full Speed Ahead! is a playful, visually stunning children’s book for those who want to learn about the different speeds of animals, vehicles, and more, including a French fire truck, a Blackbird spy plane, a shooting star, and even the Earth’s rotation. The full-page illustrations are simple but effective and spread across thick, beautiful paper. In the last few pages, grown up children will find rich descriptions of everything mentioned in the book. If you don’t know which is faster, the shark or the dragonfly – which you probably don’t – you will learn that and much more in Full Speed Ahead!.
Full Speed Ahead!: How Fast Things Go, by Marie-Laure Crushi,

excentric city

Excentric City 
A book, no, a scene, or rather the scenery of a mysterious, strange, nice city, in a word, eccentric. Thousands of things take place in this city, the day begins, the sun shines, then the night falls. It is not a single story, but a plethora of stories without text which are possible to tell by looking at this book. For more magic still, put a lamp behind the pages to bring to light the details of the scenes.
Excentric City by Beatrice Coron, Les Grandes personnes, Gallimard
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