Gifts for An Extraordinary Holiday!

Rare books make very special gifts, as they are physical ties to our history and culture. By giving someone a first edition of their favorite author, or a work that has changed the world, you link them to something truly exceptional.

It’s a profound experience to hold an early edition and touch pages that have been turned for hundreds of years. If you’ve read a thousand books, you’ve lived a thousand lives. But rare book collectors will still tell you that nothing quite measures up to owning a piece of literary history. Come to our store to indulge in our unique selection of rare books, including:

La Femme Rompue by Simone de Beauvoir, Paris, Michel Lévy Frères, 1967,
beauvoir good
A collection of three short stories, La femme rompue, Monologue, L’âge de discrétion. Paris, Gallimard, 1967 (Lagny sur Marne, Emanuel Grevin et fils, décembre 1967), $1800;

Jacques Le Fataliste et son maître, Paris, Buisson, 1796,
JAcques Le fataliste et son maitre GOOD
Year 5 of the (French) revolution, 2 vol in 8, calfskin binding, $3,500;

Lettres à un ami allemand, Paris, Gallimard, 1945.
camus good
In-12, Original Edition, 81 p., (1) p. de table, limited numbered edition on paper alfa Navarre, $540

After almost two decades of working in publishing, and a few round trips between Paris and New York, Miriam has decided to settle down at Albertine to do what she enjoys most: recommending books she loves. Somehow this also includes taking bizarre pictures for Albertine's social media outlets.
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