4 New and Noteworthy Children’s Books

Just in time to cheer up your little ones this winter, here are new books by Olivier Tallec, Marc Boutavant, and Karen Jameson, as well as a classic by Instrid Lindgren (with splendid illustrations by Beatrice Alemagna.) Cuddles and laughs guarantees!

Reading List

Au bois dormant by Marc Boutavant and Karen Jameson

For kids ages 3 and up

The sun is setting, the night is arriving swiftly. The animals of the forest are still awake, watching. While walking in the woods, a little girl murmurs softly: “Shh, not one more sound! It is time to say good night!”

Au bois dormant by Marc Boutavant and Karen Jameson, Kaleidoscope, Ecole des loisirs

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Un peu beaucoup by Olivier Tallec

For kids ages 4 and up

A tree is a fragile thing. It needs to be taken care of. It needs to be paid attention to like a friend. My tree and I, we take good care of each other. Sometimes, he gives me one of his pinecones. One is not much, but careful, all of them is a lot. A balance must be found. But if one day there aren’t any more pinecones, there will still be needles, branches, and roots…

Un peu beaucoup by Olivier Tallec, Pastel

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Chien Pourri et la poubelle à remonter le temps by Colas Gutman and Marc Boutavant

For kids ages 5 and up

Chien Pourri et Chaplapla trouvent une poubelle à remonter le temps. En remontant dans le passé, Chaplapla sera-t-il toujours aussi plat et Chien Pourri aussi pourri ?

Chien Pourri et la Poubelle à remonter le temps, a short story by Colas Gutman and Marc Boutavant, Ecole des Loisirs.

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Lotta la Filoute by Astrid Lindgren and Beatrice Alemagna

For kids ages 5 and up

Lotta is four years old. She has a brother, Jonas, a sister, Mia-Maria, and two very patient parents. Then there is Nounours, the stuffed pig from whom she cannot be separated, and her charming neighbor Madame Berg.
Little Lotta has a lot of zany ideas. One day, she decides to leave because she thinks she is old enough to live by herself.
Another time, she plants herself on a pile of manure under the rain in order to grow quickly like potatoes do.
Never short on mischief, she says “almost bad words” and likes beignets, lemonade, and above all else, escapades and hugs.

Emerging from the pen of the cheeky Astrid Lindgren, these 15 playful, tender, and fanciful stories are a hymn to the freedom of childhood and are beautifully accompanied by irresistible and vivacious illustrations by Beatrice Alemagna.

Lotte la Filoute, a collection of stories by Astrid Lindgren and illustrated by Beatrice Alemagna, Versant Sud.

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