Holiday Gifts for Every Book Lover

All book lovers are unique, but over our bookselling years, some archetypes have begun to stand out. We hope these gift packages will help you find the perfect gift for the lovable book worms in your life!

Comic book nerd

Do you know a comic book nerd who’s actually a superhero trapped in a human’s body? We do, and though no gift could live up to their supernatural coolness, here are some ideas.

  • Moi ce que j’aime, c’est les monstres by Emil Ferris (Monsieur Toussaint Louverture)
  • Les Rigoles by Brecht Evans (Actes Sud)
  • Albertine constellation ornament
  • Tote bag by La Rêveuse
  • Chunky yellow mechanical pencil by Astier de Villatte
  • Clipboard and notebooks by Papier Tigre

Hopeless francophile

These literary treasures are for that friend who is perpetually booking her next trip to Paris, has a few too many marinières, worships Simone de Beauvoir, and has seen every French film from Poiré to Rivette. 

  • Les Années by Annie Ernaux (Gallimard; so she can catch up with the Albertine Book Club)
  • Plume by Henri Michaux (Penguin Random House)
  • Gallimard trompe l’oeil notebook
  • Cabourg candle by Astier de Villatte
  • Opéra incents by Astier de Villate
  • Proust tote bag by La Rêveuse
  • Albertine constellation ornament
  • Albertine sunburst ornament
  • Pens by Papier Tigre

History buff

This is for the friend whose eyes light up with excitement when the Jeopardy category is WWII, whose bedtime reading is Tocqueville, and who can’t stop devouring documentaries on the French kings.

  • The Future is History by Masha Gessen (Riverhead Books)
    Tell Them of Battles, Kings and Elephants by Mathias Énard, trans. by Charlotte Mandell (New Directions)
  • Œuvres by Claude Levi-Strauss, (Gallimard, La Pléiade)
  • Vingt mille lieues sous les mers by Jules Verne Éditions des Saints Pères
  • Gallimard trompe l’oeil notebook
  • Albertine constellation ornament
  • Cabourg candle by Astier de Villatte
  • Pens by Papier Tigre
  • Chunky yellow mechanical pencil by Astier de Villatte

Hippie Poet

These gifts are for the people whose apartments are 60% plants, who have fountain pens and Appolinaire calligrams framed on their walls, and who know how to cook kale five different ways.

  • Leurs enfants après eux by Nicolas Mathieu (Actes Sud)
  • Papier Tigre notebook
  • Cabourg candle by Astier de Villatte
  • Plant cover by Papier Tigre
  • Google
  • Epsylon collection poetry books


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