The Utopia Factory

Created in 1954, the Comité Colbert is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2014. For this occasion, its members — 78 firms from the French luxury sector and 14 cultural institutions united in their values — wanted to follow the path laid out by their visionary creators with an incursion into 2074. Confident in the power of the imagination to remodel reality, the Comité Colbert has chosen to dream of 2074, another sixty years in the future. To put it in action, all throughout 2013 they conducted workshops during which each firm first expressed its dream in the form of a short text, an image, and five words.

This work is the fruit of a unique collaboration, rich with the visions of the firms that make up the Comité Colbert. The narrative was given to them by six science fiction authors – Samantha Bailly, Jean-Claude Dunyach, Anne Fakhouri, Xavier Mauméjean, Olivier Paquet, and Joëlle Wintrebert — the sounds created by musician Roque Rivas; and the words supplied by poet and linguist Alain Rey.

In English. Presented by Comité Colbert. Upon personal invitation: