The Dumpster Ball with Marc Boutavant

World renowned French author and illustrator Marc Boutavant—creator of Mouk, Edmond, and All Aboard, among many others—will release a new book published by Enchanted Lions Books just before the Festival. Dumpster Dog, through its charmingly awkward canine protagonist “Chien Pourri”, shows kids that accepting differences is a key to better understanding one another.

Commissioned for TILT 2019, the artist will lead a special event on Saturday, March 9. Families are invited to come to Albertine wearing their quirkiest creative outfits made of scraps of trash for a not-so-formal dancing ball and live drawing experience!

French author and illustrator Marc Boutavant is known for his creations including Mouk, Edmond, and Ariol. Very often, his characters depict his wry observations of life and society: full of personality quirks and mannerisms. Boutavant’s success in Europe has led him to create a wide variety of children’s activities: toys, puzzles, animated series and much more. His creation Dumpster Dog, will made its US debut in March 2019, published by Enchanted Lion, following widespread success in France and Europe.