Orphic Paris

Henri Cole’s Orphic Paris is a remarkable work—a poet’s most intimate diary, written entirely in Paris, in a sequence of visits that take us into the interior of the city as into the interior of the questing poet’s soul. The voice of the poet here is confiding, erudite, tender, unexpected in its sympathies and discoveries; like Henri Cole’s extraordinary poetry, it is both finely crafted and yet—seemingly—artless, unpretentious. One of the great pleasures of Orphic Paris is the poet’s delight in the work and words of others—fellow poets, artist-friends, Parisians who drift into his ardently observant life, and move on. —Joyce Carol Oates

Join award-winning American poet Henri Cole and New York Time Magazine editor Sasha Weiss as they discuss Cole’s elegiac memoir that is also a fresh and penetrating insight on the nature of friendship and family, poetry and solitude, the self and freedom.

In English. Free and open to the public. No RSVP necessary.