On Kamala Harris with Alexis Buisson and Elisabeth Guedel

Join Alexis Buisson and Elisabeth Guedel as they discuss Buisson’s biography of the U.S. Vice-President, Kamala Harris, L’héritière, just published in France by éditions de l’Archipel.

The first black woman ever elected senator of California, Kamala Harris has shown that she has conviction, courage, and know-how. She has won every election she has ever run for… except her 2020 presidential bid. Born in California, the daughter of Indian and Jamaican parents, raised in the Baptist and Hindu traditions, and married to a native new yorker, Kamala Harris embodies the American melting pot. In a fractured society, she symbolizes the coming to power of a new America, the opposite of the four years of the Trump presidency.

For the time being, she waits in the shadows of Biden, who has neither confirmed nor denied whether he will run again in 2024. For her supporters, her election to the supreme office is only a matter of time. But what is her record? Will she be able, like Barack Obama, to impose her vision for the future? Will she live long enough to see the hopes she raises become a reality?

Alexis Buisson has interviewed her relatives, her former collaborators, as well as her opponents, to write this intimate and political portrait of an exceptional woman.

In French. Free with RSVP. Click here for tickets. The conversation will be followed by a book signing.

Alexis Buisson is the New York correspondent of several French and French-speaking news organizations (La Croix, Médiapart, Télérama, Le Point, La Tribune de Genève…) and the former managing editor of French Morning, the news website of the French community in the US. He is the author of the guide S’installer à New York (Héliopoles) and Kamala Harris, l’héritière(L’Archipel), a biography of US vice-president Kamala Harris, as well as the creator of the podcast C’est ça l’Amérique ! (La Croix).
Elisabeth Guédel will be moderating the discussion. She is the current Editor in chief of French Morning and the US correspondent of French TV stations CNews and TV5 Monde.