Nature at Heart: A Conversation with Gérard Bertrand

On Sunday, April 24th at 3pm, join Gérard Bertrand as he discusses the importance of nature, of taste and emotion in his latest book Nature at Heart (ACC Art Books, 2022).

In Nature at Heart, Bertrand demonstrates how the harmony of ecosystems, respect for nature and the preservation of living soils can be the pillars of a new paradigm, creating the conditions for a more balanced life and bringing hope for future generations. He also depicts how society is changing, and invites the reader to put fear aside and “dare” – in spite of the prevailing climate – to practice altruism, brotherhood, and an opening of the heart.

This event will be take place at the bookstore. The conversation will be in English. It is free with RSVP. Click here to receive an invitation.

Wine grower, entrepreneur at the head of 16 chateaux and estates in the south of France, ambassador for wine-growing methods in harmony with nature, Gérard Bertrand was named “Green Personality of the Year” in December 2020 by The Drinks Business.