Moshi: What is Liberty?

Moshi is a witty mustache that sticks on children’s face to teach them critical and creative thinking through philosophy and art making. Moshi workshops are based on 2 pillars: one philosophical question and one artistic practice. Indeed, philosophy is a tool to develop children’s creativity.

On Sunday December 3, children will explore the following philosophical question: what is liberty? Children will debate through games and express their ideas by creating the artwork of their choice!

Children ages 5 and up are welcomed with their parents who are highly encouraged to participate.

Workshops are conducted in English and French.

MOSHI is a nonprofit organization based in Paris, NYC, Boston. It is supported by UNESCO chair on the practice of philosophy with children. Since its launching in July 2015, more than 4500 children and their parents have enjoyed philosophizing and creating artworks in different settings such as public events (Paris Plages, Figment Art Festival), museums, public gardens, public libraries, schools, bookstores, hospitals, birthday parties.