L’Atelier des Enfants with Aurore Petit

Join us  for a morning of reading and activities inspired by Aurore Petit’s Une Maman c’est comme une maison (A Mother is like a Nest). The reading will be followed by an interactive collective workshop led by Aurore Petit on Zoom.

A mom is like a nest; a mom is like a vehicle; a mom is like a fountain…In the style of a nursery rhyme, these short sentences accompany the baby’s daily steps. As the pages turn, the child grows and progresses through different developmental stages. The reader follows the child through these steps, which seem small but to him are enormous. The mother who was a nest, a refuge for the newborn, becomes a path, a story, or a performance for the playing child. As the child grows, so grows the distance that separates him from his mother, right up until the last image––that of the child’s first steps. A mother is like a home that you always carry inside yourself.

For kids ages 4 and up. Free. In French. This workshop will take place on Zoom. Please RSVP here. Please email us at miriam@albertine.com for further information.