L’Atelier des Enfants: Lunii, My Fabulous Storyteller

Join us Saturday, decembre 8 at 11:15am for a morning of fun and stories with the Lunii team!

Lunii is a delightful addition to the various forms of storytelling media. Designed for children 3 years and up, the Lunii looks like a toy radio–with its bright green and yellow colors and portable size. But this is no simple radio! After pressing the OK button, an inviting voice asks the child to prepare the elements of a story. They choose between characters, pick the setting and the objects, and then a story is generated. The result is an almost instantaneous departure from reality for your little one as they travel from castles to forests to the sea; and each time the story ends, the radio asks if they would like to have a new one!

Interactive and playful, the Lunii is a surefire way to ignite your child’s imagination while keeping them away from those increasingly addictive screens. Read more about My Fabulous storyteller here.

In English and French. For kids ages 3 and up. Free. No RSVP necessary.