Sovereign Debt: the Catalyst of the Next Financial Crisis

Join Georges Ugeux, Sonja Gibbs, François Haas and John Authers as they discuss La Descente aux enfers de la finance, Georges Ugeux’s new book on the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis and a critical analysis of the role of central banks.

The financial crisis came as a shock to those who were unfamiliar with the highly technical and opaque workings of our financial system. Central banks managed to keep the system afloat, but government debts keep growing and citizens risk becoming collateral damage of a system they have no control over. Georges Ugeux’s book warns us against a possible financial earthquake, and explores what can be done to avoid it.

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Georges Ugeux is a professor at Columbia University School of Law, where he teaches international finance. For seven years, he was also vice-president of the New York Stock Exchange.

Sonja Gibbs has been working in financial markets for over twenty years and is now Managing Director of Global Policy Initiatives at the Institute of International Finance.

François Haas is Senior Representative for the Americas at Banque de France.

John Authers is a Senior Editor at Bloomberg where he covers markets and writes a daily newsletter on global markets and investment.