Fanny de Chaillé The Teens Library

Described by The New York Times as “storytelling coming to life,” The Teens Library is inspired by the idea that anyone can be the author of knowledge and share it with others. Created by French artist Fanny de Chaillé, the interactive project is a living library where visitors are invited to choose from a catalogue of “books”––which are actually people––each of whom relate their individual story.

Each “book” is the result of a collaboration that started in November 2016 between the artist and a group of teenagers who are part of the New York Public Library Literacy Leaders program. In a series of workshops, they worked together to determine a theme, topic, or personal history to be shared. Participating teens are primarily recent immigrants to the U.S. aged 14-17.

In intimate one-on-one sessions with the audience, each teen will tell his or her unique story to both parents and kids. The Teens Library is a reminder of the power of storytelling. It brings stories to life and gives a voice to any individual.

Note: Some stories may contain mature content
Performance: Ages 6 and up. Free and open to the public.