Book Club with Emmanuel Dongala on The Bridgetower Sonata

In July, the Albertine Book Club will discuss Emmanuel Dongala’s latest novel, The Bridgetower Sonata (translated from the French by Marjolijn de Jager and published by Schaffner Press)–with special guest Emmanuel Dongala! The conversation will be moderated by Miriam Bridenne.

In this vividly imagined, richly detailed novel, acclaimed Congolese author Emmanuel Dongala provides the reader with a satirical perspective on the life and times of the historical figure George Bridgetower, a Black violin prodigy, who, at the age of nine took the courtly world of 18th Century Europe by storm — and by surprise, given the youth’s unusual origins. For young George was of mixed-race parentage, or as was known in the parlance of the day, a Mulatto. The Bridgetower Sonata brings to light the issues of race, class, privilege, and, with gentle humor, reveals the rampant hypocrisy of the era that ironically mirrors our own.

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