AT NYU_Maison Française: Musical Reading by Virginie Poitrasson and Joce Mienniel

The Maison Française of NYU presents a reading-concert of Tantôt, tantôt, tantôt (Seuil, 2023), Virginie Poitrasson’s latest book. In this powerful and evocative book, the author writes about fear, from fear, in a multiplicity of forms and registers.

Poitrasson was in New York at the time of the September 11th attacks, and her trauma was one of the sources of inspiration for Tantôt, tantôt, tantôt. How are we affected by fear, by this sense of catastrophe as it spreads through us? Her text reads as an unprecedented survey of our terrors, a topology of our inner fears.
This reading-concert will take the form of a vocal and musical stroll, combining Virginie Poitrasson’s voice and Joce Mienniel’s flute and effects pedals, providing the public with a gripping poetic experience, full of resonance and vibration.

In French. Free with rsvp. Click here for tickets.