Story Time
Saturday, May 27, 2017

Join us for a morning of reading and fun!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Join French novelist François Roux and Stéphane Lauer, correspondent for the French newspaper ‘Le Monde’ in New York, as they discuss Roux’s latest novel, ‘Tout ce dont on rêvait’ (What we dreamed of), a captivating description of the evolution of social mores in France — from the citizen mobilization ...

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Is French Laicite – secularism in state funded public schools and, more generally, in the public sphere – a valid unifying social concept in a multicultural world, or is it cultural imperialism, as often described by American liberals?

On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition ‘Michel Houellebecq: French Basching/New York’ on view at the gallery Venus June 2-August 4, 2017, French author, artist, filmmaker, and poet Michel Houellebecq will join us for a lunch conversation on June, 2, 2017, at noon.

Join us on Friday, June 2, 2017 from 7-10pm at the Bohemian National Hall of the Czech Center in New York City to celebrate the European Literature night.

Join us for a morning of readings and fun with French children book author, Nathalie Trovato. After reading from An Alphabet in Bloom, Nathalie Trovato will be leading a large scale cut paper activity for children of all ages.

Delphine de Vigan will present Based on A True Story, a chilling work of fiction about a friendship gone terrifyingly toxic and the nature of reality. This book became an international hit, and sold half a million copies in France. Based on A True Story is the winner of Le Prix Renaudot ...

Join us for a festive award ceremony and drink to celebrate the winner of the inaugural Albertine Prize, ‘Bardo or Not Bardo’. The Albertine Prize co-chairs, author Lydia Davis and journalist and literary critic François Busnel, will discuss the winning title with its author, Antoine Volodine.

Children will debate the philosophical question what is equality? through games and express their ideas by creating postcards to send to someone else!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Author Charles Kaiser will present ‘The Cost of Courage’, the heroic true story of three youngest children of a bourgeois Catholic family who worked together in the French Resistance.

American architect and MacArthur Fellow Jeanne Gang will present Brock’s masterful new translation of Calvino’s lectures, collected as ‘Six Memos for the Next Millennium’.

Join us as we celebrate the launch of the Raymond Roussel Society in New York City and honor one of the most influential and unknown writers of the 20th Century.

Caroline Boyle-Turner and Maia Nuku sill discuss Gauguin’s deep engagement with questions of traditional Marquesan beliefs, colonial and church authority and changing definitions of “exotic”.

The 2007–08 credit crisis and the long recession that followed brutally exposed the economic and social costs of financialization. Understanding what lay behind these events, the rise of “fictitious capital” and its opaque logic, is crucial to grasping the social and political conditions under which we live. Yet, for most ...

Join Bestselling author Marc Levy and founder/CEO of French Morning Emmanuel de Saint Martin as they discuss Levy’s new bestselling novel, La Dernière des Stanfield.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Join us for an evening of readings with Andrew Seguin and Jérôme Game.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Joining Joseph Weismann will be Paul and Richard Kutner, and Susan Zuccotti, for a conversation on ‘After The Roundup’, the true memoir of eleven-year-old Weismann, who was rounded up in Paris with 13,000 other Jews by the French police in July 1942.

MOSHI is a witty mustache which sticks on children’s face to teach them how to philosophize and express their ideas in artistic ways. Every MOSHI workshop is unique but are based on 2 pillars : philosophy and arts. Indeed, philosophy is a tool to develop children’s creativity. Children will discuss what is ...

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How should one raise one’s child? What do we do with the feeling that the reactions we inherited from our own childhood influence our own disciplinary choices ? Cécile David-Weill and Céline Bruneau will engage in a conversation that will hopefully help parents to understand that it is not necessary ...

On the occasion of François Chaignaud and Cecilia Bengolea’s performances at Dia:Beacon in May 2017 (more information here), the Cultural Services of the French Embassy host a conversation with the Paris-based choreographers and Kelly Kivland, Associate Curator, Dia Art Foundation on Monday, May 15, 6:30 pm.

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