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This slippery narrative recounts the meeting between an excessive writer and Eva Ionesco, a former Lolita who saw fame in the 1970s as an adolescent when she posed nude in front of her mother’s camera. Their relationship, which hangs on a string, could have been boring and wrought with clichés, but it come through as incandescent, violent, and beautiful. Eva is a fascinating character, and Simon Liberati’s meteoric writing brilliantly pays homage to her.

Eva by Simon Liberati, éditions Stock, 2015


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By Simon Liberati
Publisher: STOCK
Format: Book
Language: French
Publication Date:
19 August 2015
ISBN-10: 223407729X
ISBN-13: 9782234077294
« Un soir de l'hiver 1979, quelque part dans Paris, j'ai croisé une femme de treize ans dont la réputation était alors « terrible ». Vingt-cinq ans plus tard elle m'inspira mon... Read more
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